Recovery + Renewal = Resiliency workshop

Napolean Hill: “Life either rides or is ridden. It never stands still. What choices you make determine whether one becomes the horse or the rider.”

This 2.5 hour open registration workshop is for you if you are experiencing emotions like frustration, irritation, anger, or fear more than you would like.

Learn how to develop smart strategies for increasing your resiliency in challenging situations.

Next session in 2015: Sept 25th 13.30 – 16.00 Leiderdorp

Program Fees: The fee for the 2.5 hour session is € 95,- pp including BTW/VAT, refreshments, workbook, and 4 weekly email coaching tips following the workshop.

Here is the RRR_registration_form. Once completed send this to me by email.

Personal Resiliency Sessions

In one-on-one Personal Resiliency Sessions of circa 1.5 hours you’ll receive practical, simple, yet very effective exercises and resiliency tips which you can easily implement in your daily life. You will gain more self-control over your emotions, learning how to:

recognize your stress triggers

increase your energy and vitality

neutralize the effects of the stress reactions

understand the body & mind implications of stress

transform your stress ‘on the spot’ anywhere, anytime

make more supportive choices in your life

What’s important to know is that it is not required that you share personal information about yourself. If it helps you to use specific examples in the coaching sessions then the decision to share will be yours. One-on-one fees: The fee for a 1.5 hour session is € 150,- pp including BTW/VAT, and 4 weekly email coaching tips following the session. Give yourself the gift of a vital, energetic life. You are worth it. Please contact me for more information. Creating Raves reviews can be found here.

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DISCover Engaging Communication – open registration

Communication is much more than the words exchanged: each of us has different behavior styles, filters and judgments which influence the effectiveness of our communication.

DISCover the power of different styles.  Connect – smarter and better. Develop smart strategies for dealing with stress. Communicate with more clarity. Give meaning to your interactions. Meet the challenges in your work, family and social life. Challenge yourself to engage others to the best of your ability.

This may come as a surprise to you: we don’t work in a vacuum. We (yes, you!) are surrounded by individuals with individual needs, objectives, and concepts.

Individual personalities often dictate the entire culture in a workplace. However, there needs to be balance. Everyone must feel comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas, and those individuals must also be willing to receive and process others’ ideas and revelations.

Often, the basis of such synergy stems from effective and productive interpersonal communications practices. Purposeful, constructive, communicative bridges must be built so that goals can be met and business strategies can progress and evolve.

Conflict, change, and stress are a regular part of everyday organizational life. The key to employee survival is resilience, the ability to bounce back after adversity. Being resilient doesn’t prevent tough challenges from happening, but it does provide individuals with the strength and wherewithal to recover and move on time and time again.

Developing resilience is a lot like engineering a building to withstand an earthquake. It requires a solid foundation and a flexible structure that won’t crack or crumble under pressure. In human terms, it translates into self-esteem, connections with others, mental agility, and effective coping strategies.

This workshop enables you to analyze the reflection you see staring back at yourself in the mirror in order to help you put your best foot forward. By putting your best foot forward you open the door for your colleague as well.

Workshop Objectives Learn how to create more effective (business) relationships by:

  • Recognizing different communication styles (including your own)
  • Understanding how they promote or frustrate clear communication
  • Understanding how stress impacts our ability to communicate
  • Understanding the various styles in your surroundings (family, organization)
  • Leveraging this knowledge through greater confidence

This basic 3 hour workshop blends an experiential presentation of communication concepts combined with knowledge. We present content of this topic from two different perspectives: behavioral styles and stress management.
About the Facilitators
The workshop is given by Mary Jane Roy, founding partner at Creating Waves and Caroline van Leuven, founding partner at Indivisible and director at Foundation Women in Society.
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Practical Information

For individuals and companies.
Language: Dutch or English
Dates: November 10th 2015 from 13.00 – 16.00 in Leiderdorp
Costs: € 95,00 + VAT, drinks and handouts are included. For an in-company training please contact us.